Combined Vertical-Horizontal-Mesh System

Meshed method type lightning protection, originally oriented from the Faraday cage installations, merely consist of some meshed conductors which dominate covering the roofs and side walls of the structures whereas conventional lightning rods only spot some particular points with its rod system for protection. 
       In action, meshed air conductors are put around the edge and sides of the roof and on the very high points. Such a network of conductors are followed by an external perimeter down to the ground. The mesh size can be selected between 5 and 20 meters according to the types of protection required for the building.
Mesh sizes: 5x5m, 10x10m, 15x15m, 20x20m
Down Conductor spacing: 10m, 15m, 20m
This protection involves placing numerous down conductors/tapes symmetrically all around the building.
This type of lightning protection system is used for highly exposed buildings housing very sensitive installations such as computer rooms

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